Bay Bridge Skyway Project Complete

The final box girder segment of the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Skyway was lifted into place on December 6, 2006, marking a major milestone toward completion of the state-of-the-art, seismically-designed segmental bridge. From early 2002 through completion, SDI played a vital role in the project, first by assisting with the planning and development of the precast segmental erection scheme, then designing and supplying the Self Launching Erection Devices (SLEDs) that lifted the 452 concrete segments onto the superstructure. SDI also furnished all post-tensioning materials, equipment and technical support for the project.
SDI’s quantities alone tell a story of massive proportions: the Skyway contains 6,670 post-tensioning tendons weighing over 23 million pounds and totaling 5,529 miles of 0.6-inch-diameter steel strand. The tendons are encased in 360 miles of steel duct filled with 89,396 cubic feet of grout. Total weight of the segments lifted by SDI’s SLED units exceeded 700 million pounds.

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